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In all things of nature there is somthing of the marvelous. - Aristotle

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Prairie Dogs: America's Meerkats - 4 Conservation

Growing Ideas can help you find non-lethal solutions to preserving and restoring prairie ecosystems, one of the most endangered in the world. We specialize in revegetation, prairie dog relocation, and vegetative and fencing barriers to minimize wildlife conflicts with people.

Prairie dog relocation can only take place between June and October.

People CAN coexist with prairie dogs, a Keystone Species that supports over 200 other species. Passive relocation and fencing barriers allow prairie dogs to stay on a property, but off of certain areas.

Shorter, colder days and inclement weather from November into spring causes prairie dogs to hibernate off and on, called torpor. January through May is mating and birthing season. This is not conducive to relocating.

Locating LAND to move prairie dogs onto is difficult. Colorado law has made it virtually impossible to move them between counties, and finding land within the same county happens but not frequently. Public land managers almost always say NO to relocating onto OUR public land even though they are responsible for preserving valuable native wildlife like prairie dogs. Private landowners are an option, however they too are inclined to not like or want prairie dogs either.

We, and that includes YOU, must keep trying to save them because endangered prairie dogs are down to about 1% of historic numbers and need our help in order to survive!


Mexican Prairie Dogs
Are Endangered!